Internal diseases are uniform and indivisible area of clinical medicine, and the propaedeutic is its introduction course. The propaedeutic of internal illnesses is a science about healthy organism’s ability to live as the fundamental methodological base of medicine, which forms science related grounds  for estimation and forecasting of functional activity and functional reserves of the basic systems of a human body.

Its primary goal is  for students to develop techniques for clinical and physical examination of the patient with identification of specific  clinical symptoms and syndromes for the subsequent interpretation of the received data.Formation in the future doctor of clinical thinking and skills of constant self-education is the basis  of successful professional work.
III semester - Introduction to Therapy
 IV semester - Propedtherapy of Respiratory system.
Propedtherapy of Cardiovascular system and Hematopoietic system.
Propedtherapy of Endocrine systems
V semester - Propedtherapy of Urogenital system.
Propedtherapy of Gastrointestinal system
Propedtherapy of Musculoskeletal system

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